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A Fresh Start by Andy Paige®

Check out Andy's hot new Summer STYLE IN A BOX™ Accessory Suite! The gorgeous white-leather handbag and luxurious cotton gauze scarf  are right on trend this season. Add beautiful bangles and the perfect earrings, and you'll want to compliment your wardrobe with this suite every day!

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GlitzyGoGarter by Andy Paige Style

Perfect for special occasions! Just like Andy's revolutionary GIRLYGOGARTER®, the gorgeous beaded GLITZYGOGARTER® holds as much as your purse, securely and discreetly, even while dancing!

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Handbag Trends!
It's the time of year when we all start to want a new handbag. Something that feels more autumnal and luxe. Something that will modernize our old stuff and make us feel fresh and current.  I...
To Fringe or Not to Fringe?
Let this serve as a gentle warning... one of the biggest "looks dated real quick" trends is headed to a store near you. Fringe is a classic example of a flash trend that can eat your wardrobe...
The Felt Fedora!
                 The number #1 street style trend at NYFW this week has been... The felt fedora! Labor Day has been put to rest, but the thermometer has not yet declared it fall. So...
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Style On A Shoestring

by Andy Paige

Style On A Shoestring

Book Review by Lainie Petersen, Money Crashers

"It's a vicious cycle and a catch-22: You’re cash-poor and don’t want to rack up a lot of credit card debt, so you skimp out on buying quality clothes. Unfortunately, your ill-fitting, cheap-looking wardrobe doesn’t earn you respect at work or do much for your self-confidence, so you get passed over for opportunities that could get you a raise. But without career advancement, you won’t get the money you need to afford clothes that can make a good impression on your boss and coworkers. Sound familiar?"

"Fashion journalist Andy Paige (a former fashion and fit model) specializes in rescuing women from this cycle by teaching them to dress well on a budget in her book Style on a Shoestring: Develop Your Cents of Style and Look Like a Million without Spending a Fortune. She recognizes that looking and feeling good in your clothes boosts your ego along with your earning power. She also knows that a “bargain” that doesn’t fit, feel or look right is going to end up relegated to a corner of your closet as an unworn, unrealized wardrobe investment."

"Style on a Shoestring is more than just a fashion guide. Paige grew up in a household where cash was scarce, so she learned frugal habits early. She knows how to scour sales racks, supplement a clothes budget by selling clothing to consignment stores and pick out killer accessories at thrift stores. She breaks down frugal fashion strategies so that even the most clueless shopper can build a great wardrobe on a small budget." Read the full review