A YEAR OF STYLE Accessory Suite™ Year Subscription

A year of fabulous, fresh style delivered right to your door, AUTOMATICALLY! Who doesn’t want that?

Your favorite “Style In A Box” update can now be delivered automatically with FREE SHIPPING! A YEAR OF STYLE makes a wonderful gift for your favorite style hound, someone who needs a style boost, or YOURSELF!

Starting this season, you can subscribe to a year of Andy Paige Style® Accessory Suites™, that’s 4 suites, one incredible modernizing jolt for each season of the year, and receive free shipping. That’s more than $50 savings off the modern Andy Paige Style® updates that you’ve come to know, love and anticipate!

Simply purchase the YEAR OF STYLE for $238 and you’ll receive this season’s Accessory Suite™ and the following three seasons will be sent directly to you or your favorite fashionista as soon as they become available.

Each season you’ll receive the hottest handbag and coordinating accessories that I have personally designed for you, inspired from my work with clients here in New York and L.A. No one has a better understanding of how to look like a million without spending a fortune, and my Andy Paige Style® Accessory Suites™ are my ultimate affordable translation of what I see and put on my celebrity clientele.

Dear Andy, I know I already wrote to say how great this latest accessory suite is, but over these 3 months I am getting tons of compliments up here in Toronto.

About 6 weeks ago, the character Sharon on the Young and Restless walked up to a bar on the show wearing the exact gold trimmed red and black metal wrist band! Then this week the Nikki character had a bag slightly larger than the one you include in your suite – but all the same pattern of the red and black – it looked outstanding. I have also seen your scarf worn on many tv shows as well. You are ahead of the fashion trends big-time! Keep up the good work in helping women of all ages stay in step with it as well!

Thanks again from this young Senior who loves your tips.

– Honora Rose, Toronto, Ontario

A YEAR OF STYLE will solve most of your fashion shopping needs, as I design each suite to modernize and update the American uniform, jeans and tees, or the wardrobe basics that you have hanging in your closet right now. So with every delivery, you can take the suite right out of the box, apply it to your standard fare, and feel completely styled and “up-towned” in seconds flat! It couldn’t be more simple and convenient.

You will be sent an email each season with a link to the shopping page so that you can view the new suite, read all about it, and confirm that you can’t wait to get it. Once we get your confirmation, your “Style In A Box” will be shipped. If you are not interested in that season’s offering, just let us know and we’ll extend your YEAR OF STYLE for an additional season. We’ll gladly extend your YEAR OF STYLE twice, to ensure that you get the suites that you love.

I know you are going to love this helpful and exciting YEAR OF STYLE, and I encourage you to stay in contact with me about how much you love the new stylish you. Please LIKE me on my Facebook fan page and LIKE the options on my shopping page. Don’t be surprised when I respond. I love communicating with you and finding out how I can help you look like a million without spending a fortune!