Radio Tips

3D-Printed Clothes

Back from Paris for only a few hours now, after visiting the world’s premiere TREND trade show for fashion and accessories. The trade show is called WHAT’S NEXT and it certainly didn’t disappoint, introducing new trends, innovations and improvements. My big report is that 3D-printed clothes are destined to be something that everyone will have […]

Hand-painted Clothing

Clothing and accessories as your canvas! With the development of swift and inexpensive textile printing, designers have hit the paints and are creating amazing garments and accessories that are true works of art. Hand-painted clothing and accessories are a major trend for 2017, as unique, personalized, artisan pieces take precedence over mass-produced common clothing. My […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s a new beginning and a time for resolutions. We all know that if resolutions are too hard and drastic, they will be broken within just a few days, so let’s talk about a few changes that we can make that will stick! All my years working on the NBC show STARTING […]

New Year’s Eve

The three super-easy things you need to ring in the New Year with great style! Come on! Start 2017 with a little effort and pizazz! 1. Wear something sequined! Whether it’s a sequined tee shirt, leggings or a fabulous dress, wear something with sparkle on the best party night of the year. Even if you’re […]

The Fade

The top three reasons the Fade has been the most requested haircut of 2016! 1. It’s the ultimate blend of conservative and rebel, messy and neat, good guy and bad boy. The top can be a hot crazy mess, but the cut to short says I’m still boardroom ready. 2. If you are going to […]

Your Washing Machine Needs Some Mouthwash

Your washing machine needs some mouthwash?! Yep, you heard me. Your washing machine needs some mouthwash. Once a season, you should run 1-2 cups of mouthwash through your washing machine to kill germs, eliminate residue and disengage any build-up. This is especially true for the wintertime when our clothes become more “pill HAPPY!” Your washing […]

Favorite Gifts Under $10

Favorite gifts under $10! We all have people in our lives who deserve a little remembering this holiday season. Smaller gestures are sometimes the most difficult, because you want to reflect some thought without breaking the bank, forcing intimacy or phoning it in with a gift card. I wanted to share my three favorite gifts […]

These 3 things will have you party-ready in seconds!

The 3 things to keep in your work bag that will allow you to say YES to every party invitation this season!! No reason to say no to an unexpected gathering – keep these three things at the ready and you’ll always look fabulous and holiday party perfect… even if you’re coming from the gym! […]


TIGHT SEASON! I love when the weather changes and we can slip our legs into supportive, style affirming tights! Great tights let you get away with shorter skirts and add a layer of texture, style and warmth to your outfit. But there is nothing worse than being out in your cute ensemble, loving your tights, […]

Short Hair

Why you need a mohawk NOW! Well, maybe you’re not ready for a mohawk – though fabulous fems are rocking a modified mohawk everywhere and looking tres awesome – but perhaps you’ve been dying to go short and haven’t been able to muster the courage. Here are 5 reasons why NOW is the time to […]