Weekly Style Tips

The Earbud Necklace

The inevitable … earbud necklace! The one necklace we all use/wear all of the time is our earbuds. So it was just a matter of time before jewelry designers paired up with electronics makers to create fashionable, fun and funky earbud necklaces. You can find these in everything from plastic beads to pearls, semi-precious stones […]

Help Your Honey – Brows!

The 5-minute makeover for your man!! Just as it is true that thicker, fuller eyebrows make women look younger and more modern, the same is true for men! Take a long hard look at your man’s brows. Are there two of them? Or just one big one??  (Please create two!) Could his brows be darker […]

White Jeans for Fall

White jeans for Fall 2017! Labor Day has come and gone, but do not put away your white jeans just yet. The muted tones of this year’s Fall fashions will look fabulous with white jeans and keep you looking fresh through Thanksgiving. Add neutral and gray tops, sweaters, coats and accessories to your white jeans […]

Mirror-lens Sunglasses

Mirror, mirror on my eyes….. Yes! Yes! The flashy, mirrored sunnies of the 80’s are back and reformulated into new shapes and oversized fabulousness. These are super hot, and if you’re gonna try them, go BIG – round or cat-eyed aviators. The extreme care and necessary pampering of these fragile and scratch hungry mirrored lenses […]

Helmet Hair

It’s the time of year when all of our activities seem to require a helmet.  This weekend alone, I had three different helmets on – one for biking, one for a scooter rental and one for riding my horse. I hate the helmet-hair aftermath that comes from wearing a helmet, so I wanted to share […]

Secret Message Jewelry

The hottest jewelry gift trend for the 2017 holidays… secret message jewelry! With morse code, sound waves, hidden notes and more, this year’s jewelry trends are all about secret messages. These unique pieces can be found in all types of metal and with varying levels of personalization options. These pieces are meant to connect giver […]

Appalachian Wildlife Rescue Needs Your Old Mascara

Do you have old mascara laying around?  If it’s been opened and is older than 3 months, you probably need to toss it. But wait! There is a real need for old mascara wands at the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge! They use sterilized mascara wands to remove flea eggs and larva from baby animals and birds. […]

Sweat-proof Eye Makeup

Yaaaay summer is here!! Boooooo my makeup is a sweaty mess!! So here are my tried and true steps for avoiding sweaty raccoon eyes in the summer months: You will need regular mascara, waterproof mascara, invisible setting powder and makeup setting spray. Apply your foundation to your eyelids and concealer under your eyes and set […]

Summer Chic Skirts

Summer Chic SKIRTS! My personal summer style is all about cool, easy dresses, but this year, designers have made a distinctive shift and offered up a bevi of amazing, gorgeous, artistic SKIRTS that are hard to resist! Many of us avoid skirts, because they can be hard to pair with tops, sweaters or jackets. But […]

The Man Romper

The Man Romper! Called “the most emasculating  garment ever created”, the Man Romper is now a thing. Like a grown-up onesie, the Man Romper is a combination shirt and shorts, usually with a front zipper or buttons.  Totally comfortable, oddly stylish and relatively inexpensive – I actually find them interesting! (Kind of like a summer […]