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Weekly Style Tips

Fabulous Eyeglasses

As soon as you land in Germany the one style standout that all the German people embrace is the guts to go bold with their eye glasses. It’s really incredible. No matter your age, occupation or social standing, they all seem to embrace the style opportunity glasses create. It’s awesome, noticeable and contagious. I find […]

Protecting Your Boot Investments

We all love boots! Quite often we sacrifice to buy them and spend hours searching for the perfect pair. Once we get them home however, they end up piled in the bottom of our closet in a leather puddle. Well, there are a few simple and easy ways to create boot shapers that will keep […]

Christmas Sales for Valentines!

The Christmas sale items that make terrific Valentine’s Day gifts!! We all love shopping the after-Christmas sales. The bargains are fantastic and we get a huge bang for the buck with the gift cards we received. It’s not too early to give some thought to what post-Christmas sale items would make great sweetheart gifts for […]

Activated Charcoal for Teeth Whitening

You may have seen the videos or heard about the BLACK tooth whitener, charcoal, and perhaps you were totally grossed out, as I was, when those black mouthed pix popped up in your social media feed. Yuck! Hahaha! When I saw a charcoal toothpaste on sale this past weekend, I decided to try this stuff […]

Modern Pearls

I would guess that every woman in America understands the classic appeal of pearls. They’ve been the ultimate gift of love and beauty for generations, and I’d bet most women have a set that’s been handed down to them. But the latest pearl rush is all about embellishments and encrusting. All of your wardrobe basics, […]

Cost Per Wear

The ultimate justification mechanism, CPW encourages the splurge on higher-ticket items that you love and will see more use, over less expensive items that you only half-heartedly like and will be used a couple of times. Cost Per Wear is the calculation of the price divided by the number of days you’ll use it. For […]

Winter Knits

Looking super chic AND comfy at your holiday get-togethers is super simple this year, thanks to the oversized knits trend! Comfy, fashionable and even sexy all come together with this one, because oversized sweater dresses, sweater pants, sweater sweats and sweater sacks are translated into elegant holiday outfits when paired with boots or modern flats. […]

Winter Skirts & Boots

The last few fall/winter seasons have been all about over-the-knee boots with mini skirts. Lots of skin, even in the winter, was the trend. But continuing the modesty movement that designers are capitalizing on, this season the focus is on midi skirts and tall boots with no skin, tights or additional texture showing at all. […]

Traveling With Leather

As we’ve discussed in the past few weeks, leather, and particularly black leather, is a major trend for fall/winter 2018. I am crazy about leather, but traveling with it and keeping it wrinkle-free can be tough. I have some tricks to show up on your fall vacay with wrinkle-free leather. First, wrap the leather item […]

2018 Fall Trends

This fall there are some great trends that can be created from items you already own and have in your closet. I’ve already talked about the modesty trend (Granny-chic) as well as the trend towards lots of layers, and the trend I have for you today incorporates both of those. This fall, the look is […]