Weekly Style Tips

Summer Stinky Feet

Summer stinky feet, be gone! Sockless shoes, jellies, and rubber summer shoes of all kinds bring summer time fun AND the sweatiest, stickiest, smelliest feet of the year! Luckily, I have the stinky feet cure that will work on every member of the family and keep you all fungus-free this summer. In a small spray […]

Genie Pants

The hottest summer trend this season is genie (or harem) pants! If you’ve already done your “hammer time,” you might not think genie pants are right for you, but the truth is, anyone can wear this style. It’s all about what you pair with it. You have to think of these poofy britches like you […]

Flipflop Season

It’s flip-flop season!  Now, I know everyone who follows my advice knows I only approve of rubber flip-flips for the pool, spa or beach!  But it’s time to plunk down your yearly $5 for a new pair. This year, to help increase the wear on your cheapy flip-flops, add a bread tab to the base […]


The weather is getting warmer, and we are all feeling the need to lighten up! We want to shed our winter pounds, toss off our winter clothes, lighten our hair and feel the sunshine. The one foolproof way to feel and look summer-ready is to go a little lighter and brighter with your hair by […]

Spring Closet Cleaning #2

Spring Cleaning #2: Your Beauty Products! Earlier, we talked about cleaning out your closet and optimizing your wardrobe by paring down to your best-fitting and most fabulous items, and building from there. This week we are going to do the same thing for your beauty bag or bathroom cabinet! We all have beauty items that […]

Spring Closet Cleaning

SPRING CLOSET CLEANING! It’s time! It’s time! Your closet is calling… and I’m going to make it easy and fun to get organized. This is my favorite time of year! Out with the old, organize your stuff, and get ready to reinvent what you already own! Plan an upbeat afternoon. Put on your favorite music, […]

Swimsuit Trends

2017 Swimsuit trends!!! Do you want the good news or the bad news first?? Okay…. The bad news is that it’s time to go shopping for a new swimsuit! The good news is that this signals that the worst of winter is behind us, AND there are some really cute trends that we can all […]

Special-Occasion Hair

It’s HAIR SEASON! Hahaha! I know that sounds funny, but this is the time of year that we start to shed our winter hats and think about special-occasion hair! Whether it is prom, a wedding, graduation, vacation, The Derby, or family celebration, we all have something coming up that requires a little something special when […]

Rain is IN!

Let it RAIN!! Never has the rain been so fashionable! Sure it ruins your hair, but it doesn’t have to ruin your clothes, your look, or your mood. In fact, with these fabulous fashionable rain finds, you’ll be begging for more April Showers! Here are three hot trends you can be inspired by! 1. Transparent! […]

Wardrobe Advice

  3 Pieces of Wardrobe Advice for all Graduating Seniors! 1. BE AWARE OF YOUR UNDERWEAR – Stylish professional women know the foundation (literally!) of a great look is appropriate underwear. Nothing instantly throws off a look like VPL (visible panty lines) or inappropriate bra straps. Be strategic about what you slip on and why […]