Weekly Style Tips

Hair in a can

Just like the iPhone and dungarees, the first inception or version of a product is not always the best; and as time goes by and technologies advance, improvements are made to products that make them much better…in fact, really great. Some of you may remember when HAIR IN A CAN was introduced in the 80’s. […]

Mixing Plaids

I’m always looking for ways to repurpose and rework my wardrobe to look fresh and modern. I love when I can achieve this with little investment. But when it can be done without a dime’s worth of effort, it truly rocks my thrifty world! So get ready…this is a free way to look totally hip, […]

Temporary Tattoos

Making fabulous and lasting temporary tattoos! Are you thinking about some ink? There are some fabulous ways to test-drive your skin art before taking the permanent leap (or even just play around with some body art for special occasions!) The temporary tattoos that we’ve all applied from the Cracker Jack’s box are created on an […]

A Great Use for Seat Covers

Here’s a crazy tip for after a workout at the gym, getting caught in a rainstorm or just forgetting your face compact when you’re out and about. Blot your face with toilet seat covers to soak up excess dirt, oil and moisture! I know, it sounds downright disgusting! But really, it’s just a piece of […]

Face Mapping

The ancient Chinese practice of face mapping allows you to read the acne, blemishes or dryness on your face with a much bigger picture in mind. In fact, it is believed that different areas of the face correlate to parts of the body, such as the liver, kidney, heart, intestines, lungs, bladder and more. If […]

Red Jeans

Red Jeans! You all know I love “key pieces” – those single items, that when added to things you already own, change and modernize your look in an instant. This season, one of those key pieces is a pair of RED JEANS, and I love ‘em! If there is only one thing you buy for […]


Suspenders!! Can you believe it? Suspenders are the latest menswear trend to transfer to the women’s department. With waistlines raising and androgyny trending, suspenders have become the fun accessory that looks both fresh and retro at the same time. Add suspenders to shorts, pants and pencil skirts for a simple and fun update. Just remember […]

The Boyfriend Jacket

I just got back from Europe during fashion week and my head is reeling with style inspiration. But the one trend that I know is going to be an absolute must for everyone here in the States this year is the men’s blazer… a.k.a. the boyfriend jacket. Beautiful European ladies were wearing men’s blazers everywhere […]

Magnetic Lashes

Perhaps you’ve seen all of the social media buzz about magnetic false eyelashes! This genius idea promises you’ll never have to glue your eyes shut with eyelash glue again. Simply click top and bottom lashes together on top of your own lashes and – viola – you’re gorgeous in seconds…. (Record scratch to a halt!) […]

The Earbud Necklace

The inevitable … earbud necklace! The one necklace we all use/wear all of the time is our earbuds. So it was just a matter of time before jewelry designers paired up with electronics makers to create fashionable, fun and funky earbud necklaces. You can find these in everything from plastic beads to pearls, semi-precious stones […]