Weekly Style Tips

Sock-fit Boots

The latest trend in boots is socks!! Sock-fit boots have become the snug, go-to boot look that designers love. Yeezy, a.k.a. Kanye West, even created a sock boot that sold out at $895 a pair! I love this look…and the fact that it can be created for less than $10! All you need is a […]

Ponytail Beanie

Comfy and warm head gear for the ponytail set! We all know how important it is to wear a hat in these freezing cold temps, but those of us who love to rock a ponytail for outdoor workouts or dress-down Fridays often suffer with the awkward look of wearing a winter hat over an uncomfortable […]

Heated Clothes

The hottest fashion this winter, quite literally, is heated clothes! With temperatures dipping into the record books all over the country, it’s easy to see why the latest battery and app technologies are being applied to outerwear and underwear! The future is here and you can now comfortably and fashionably WEAR your heater!! Lightweight, powerful […]


Chainmail isn’t just an annoying mailbox intruder, it’s a slinky, sexy, shiny, metal fabric that is making a HUGE comeback this season. Perhaps it’s the major success of the Wonder Woman movie or Game of Thrones, but warrior wear, more specifically chainmail tops, dresses and accessories are super hot and sexy this season. These metal […]

Emergency Gifting!

Emergency gifting! There always seems to be one person you forgot to add to your holiday gift list or a long-lost cousin who unexpectedly shows up with a sack full of gifts for your family. It’s never a bad idea to have a couple of extra gifts on hand that are super thoughtful and which […]

Holiday Sequin Tube Top

The holidays are here and budgets are tight because gift lists are long. But you still want to look fresh and fabulous for those great parties coming up, right? So, as always, I have one key piece that you can add to your older wardrobe items that will update and modernize your look – and […]


I super love the holidays and truly enjoy giving gifts! I love choosing my wrapping paper and ribbon each year and making each gift a little work of art, wrapping each one with care and attention to detail. Really, I enjoy gift-giving because I have figured out THE BEST GIFT STRATEGY in the world. Even […]

Hair in a can

Just like the iPhone and dungarees, the first inception or version of a product is not always the best; and as time goes by and technologies advance, improvements are made to products that make them much better…in fact, really great. Some of you may remember when HAIR IN A CAN was introduced in the 80’s. […]

Mixing Plaids

I’m always looking for ways to repurpose and rework my wardrobe to look fresh and modern. I love when I can achieve this with little investment. But when it can be done without a dime’s worth of effort, it truly rocks my thrifty world! So get ready…this is a free way to look totally hip, […]

Temporary Tattoos

Making fabulous and lasting temporary tattoos! Are you thinking about some ink? There are some fabulous ways to test-drive your skin art before taking the permanent leap (or even just play around with some body art for special occasions!) The temporary tattoos that we’ve all applied from the Cracker Jack’s box are created on an […]