JUST CHANGE ONE THING – Online Workshop (recording)

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Online Workshop Description:

Do you HATE shopping? Does the thought of going to the mall and slaving through racks of clothes make you CRINGE? Have you given up on looking hot, modern and stylish, because it takes too much effort and money and all you want to do is just be COMFORTABLE?

I GET IT!! What if it was as easy as just changing one thing?

You are just like 80% of the wonderful women I work with all over the country. Ladies who would love an image upgrade and realize what a difference it could make in their career and life. The confidence and self-esteem boost would be a total win-win. But it needs to be simple, easy, affordable, comfortable, easy — did I mention EASY and if at all possible…maybe FUN!

For the first time ever, I am going to show you how to polish your image with my nationally renowned workshop JUST CHANGE ONE THING online!!

Staying current and maintaining a pulled-together look can be as easy as just changing one thing! You don’t have to spend a fortune or go crazy shopping for the hottest new ensemble; instead reach for that KEY piece. The item that’s going to speak volumes, make you look modern, pulled together and quite possibly 10 years younger!

We will go through all the possibilities and opportunities, so that you will feel ready, energized and inspired to love the way you look the very next morning!!

Getting dressed doesn’t have to be drudgery! I’m going to show you how to make it easy and affordable. It’s fun! I GUARANTEE IT!

This workshop shows how just changing one thing can change everything!  I’ve taught this workshop all over the U.S. and Canada to thousands of woman who have seen the big results small changes can make. Your friends will notice, your clients will notice, your boss will notice and your loves will notice. You will be on the road to building the style muscles and skills that will make you a confident dresser and shopper.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you want me to come to your house for a Beauty Boot Camp — Andy Overhaul…and I can do that. We can shift every aspect of what you see in the mirror and CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER! And this web workshop will jumpstart immediate CHANGE and help you get excited about getting dressed the next day!

I’ll show you the easiest and least expensive updates that will have you feeling perked up, fashionable and fabulous, JUST CHANGE ONE THING!

I usually teach this inspiring and fun 1 to 2 hour workshop for corporate events and major women’s expos and charge thousands of dollars for the event. I am offering the recording of this live web workshop for just $20! Yippee!


XO  ~Andy

**This is a recording of a live webinar held on March 26, 2012.  Check the Events page for more upcoming webinars!**