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Summer Hippie Chic — Modern Tie-Dye!

IMG_5584Every hippie-chic summer look includes a little tie-dye. The morphed colors look beautifully psychedelic and remind us all of peace, love and rock-n-roll.

But the days of dipping rubber banded tees into buckets of dye are over. Now to get a gorgeous ambre or tie-dye effect, all you need is a pack of colored Sharpies and a little alcohol.

This is a fabulous craft project for kids or adults, but the effects are actually quite modern and very chic.

You can take any clean cotton-based fabric surface, including sneakers, socks, pillows, dresses, shirts and blazers, shower curtains, etc. and mark them as you please. You can create flowers with little dot patterns or sunset ambre colors with random lines. Use a sheet of wax paper underneath or between fabric layers to keep your design contained.

Once you've drawn your pattern, you then drop on alcohol with an eyedropper or spray/mist on alcohol with a spray bottle. The colors will run everywhere the alcohol runs, so keep the fabric horizontal unless you are creating a vertical pattern.

You will see immediate morphing of colors. It's amazing and really beautiful.

Let your project dry overnight, and then either throw it in the dryer or iron it depending on what's easier for you. This will set the color.

Then when you wash it, add one cup of white vinegar to cold water to further set in the colors.

That's it!! You can create unique and fabulous items for concerts, parties, even summer bathing suits.