THE POWER OF THE PERFECT BRA – Online Workshop (recording)

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Online Workshop Description:

How is your bra?

Are the girls high and happy today, or are they sad and sulky, crying out for some fresh foundation? When is the last time you were properly fit for a bra?…Have you ever been properly fit for a bra? How old is the bra you have on right now? IS IT COMFORTABLE?

Ugggghhhh! Bras can be so frustrating, right?! I totally get it! We have to have them, but most of the time they just suck!

Great news, Ladybug! I can help you look 10 pounds thinner, 10 years younger, feel comfortable and fabulous and have your clothes fit you better instantly, by teaching you THE POWER OF THE PERFECT BRA.

Yep, I can help you stand taller, get some relief and posture correction by helping you find the bra of your dreams? Yes Ma’am…It’s time for a bra makeover!

If you’ve been wearing a sports bra for years because you can’t find a comfortable bra or you have given up on finding a bra that works for you and your needs, I am going to change your life….and everything you wear!

After the great success of my first web workshop JUST CHANGE ONE THING, I’ve decided to address one of the biggest concerns my clients have in my next webinar THE POWER OF THE PERFECT BRA!

If you have ever worked with me, you know, the first step to a new you starts in your panty drawer. If your bras and undies aren’t working for you, nothing is. That’s why you have seen me take countless women to bra shops in the dozens of makeovers you’ve watched me conduct on TV. Great bras, simply make you and your clothes look better– A LOT BETTER!

But being fit for a bra can be embarrassing, even humiliating. Women have avoided this task since their first boobie buds at puberty. Being fit, finding a comfortable, attractive bra that works for you and your needs can be a huge challenge. There is a lot of misinformation and confusion around the whole subject of bras, and I AM GOING TO ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS and make it fun and EASY!

I will teach you:

  • How to fit yourself for a bra and determine YOUR TRUE SIZE
  • Why your bra is uncomfortable
  • How you know you have the right fit
  • What type bra is best for you and your boobies
  • How to reduce back fat in your bra
  • What brands are best for your particular fit issues
  • Where you can have a custom built bra made just for you
  • What type of bras are best for different fashion challenges
  • How to care for your bras
  • How many bras you should have and how often you should replace them
  • Where to find the biggest selection of bras for YOUR size
  • And any and all questions that you have about your bra needs


After years of being a fit model, working with dozens of designers and hundreds of women and their bra needs, I am going give you the skills, direction and answers you need to change everything about your foundation garments and ultimately about getting dressed. Your friends will notice, your love will notice and you will be on your way to dressing and carrying yourself with more confidence; just by changing your BRA!

It’s not your fault you didn’t learn this stuff in school, or maybe your mom didn’t teach you. But there is no reason to live with ill fitted, uncomfortable bras any more! I GUARANTEE IT!

THE POWER OF THE PERFECT BRA web workshop will teach you everything you need to know about great fitting bras and if you don’t feel you’ve gotten all of your questions answered, I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK! Just email me and I will personally take care of it.

**This is a recording of a live webinar held on May 1, 2012.  Check the Events page for more upcoming webinars!**